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7 Questions to Ask Before Installing Artificial Grass

Are you considering installing artificial grass in your yard? If so, you’re not alone. Many homeowners are opting for this type of landscaping because it is low-maintenance and looks great year-round. However, before you make the decision to install artificial grass, there are a few things you should consider. In this article, we will discuss 7 questions that you should ask yourself before making a final decision.

1. What are My Budget and Needs? 

Before installing artificial grass, it is important to consider both the budget that you have available as well as the specific needs of your yard. Are you looking for an easy-care option that requires little maintenance? Do you need a durable product that can handle heavy traffic? Knowing exactly what your budget and needs are before selecting a product will help ensure you select the right one for your yard.

2. How Much Artificial Grass Will I Need?

Once you know what type of artificial grass product is best for your yard, it’s time to determine how much artificial grass you will need to purchase. Measure the area where you plan to install the artificial grass and add 10% extra to account for any errors in measurement or cutting. This will ensure that you purchase enough material for a successful installation without having too much left over.

3. What Type of Base Should I Use?

Choosing the right base beneath the artificial grass is important because it creates a solid foundation so that everything looks even and professional when complete. The most common type of base used with artificial turf is crushed rock, which provides stability and prevents weeds from growing through it, but there are other options available such as concrete or pavers if desired.

4. How Should I Prepare My Yard Before Installing Artificial Grass?

Before laying down your new turf it’s important to properly prepare your yard by removing all existing vegetation, rocks and debris from the area as well as leveling out any dips or bumps in the surface with topsoil or sand. This helps create an even surface so that everything looks smooth once installed.

5. What Tools Will I Need To Install Artificial Grass?

It’s important to have all of the necessary tools on hand before getting started with installation so make sure to gather them up ahead of time—sharp scissors for cutting pieces of turf, a shovel for making holes for drainage pipes, a rake or trowel for spreading soil, a broom for brushing away debris, etc. Having all of these items ready will help cut down on time spent gathering supplies during installation.

6. Do I Need Any Special Cleaning Supplies To Maintain My Artificial Grass?

Once installed, maintaining your new faux grass doesn’t require any special cleaning supplies but regular sweeping with a stiff broom is recommended to keep it looking neat and tidy year-round and remove dirt buildup between blades of grass if needed. If stains occur they can be spot cleaned with mild detergent solution if necessary but since this type of landscape requires very little upkeep compared to natural lawns there won’t be much else needed in terms of maintenance aside from occasional wedding at seams between turf pieces if desired.

7. Is There A Warranty Available On The Product I Choose?

When choosing an artificial grass product it’s wise to find out if there is a warranty available on it in case something happens after installation such as fading or discoloration due to harsh UV rays or damage due to excessive foot traffic over time–many companies offer warranties on their products up to 10 years depending on factors like quality ratings which can give homeowners peace of mind when making their purchases knowing that they’re covered should anything go wrong after installation is complete.


Artificial grass is a great option for people who want a low-maintenance lawn. Before you decide to install artificial grass, there are a few things you should consider. These 7 questions will help you determine if artificial grass is right for you. Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll be on your way to having a beautiful, green lawn that requires little upkeep.

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