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family owned since 1995

Family owned and operated since 1995, with a continued dedication to deliver the best customer service and the best product every time to each of our customers.
We have made a continued commitment to not just install a project but to make memories for years to come. Your vision will always be our passion.
For your peace of mind we offer a 27 year warranty on paver installation, 10 year warranty on synthetic lawn or pergolas, and a LIFETIME warranty on paver stones.
We don’t just install beautiful hardscapes, we make memories for years to come!

Your Vision is our passion!

To make your house into a home that you and your family can truly enjoy, you need to make it a comfortable and safe place to be. Although interior decorating is certainly important, you deserve to have an amazing backyard or the best-looking driveway in your neighborhood too. Rather than tackle this daunting task on your own, hire NC Marble and Stone Pavers to ensure your satisfaction for years to come. Consider these benefits:

Design Experience

Our professional designers are able to assess your Driveway, front Yard or backyard and develop a plan incorporating your design ideas. Their plans will take into consideration your soil, existing plants and other aspects of your project. From rocky or uneven terrain to soil erosion concerns, their expertise ensures your backyard is gorgeous for years to come.


The transition from interior to exterior should be comfortable for you and guests. Whether you want an outdoor firepit, outdoor kitchen, new hardscape areas or a new driveway to replace that old cracked cement, your professional design team will ensure the entire area is aesthetically appealing.

Home Value

In most neighborhoods you can actually add value to your property. New hardscape in the front of your house or back yard are all highly desired in today’s market. Our experienced professionals can install these for an attractive and valuable home addition.
driveway pavers

Mental And Physical Wellness

Most people in the modern world spend too much time indoors. Fresh air and exercise are essential to your physical and mental health, a well-designed backyard for you to enjoy, will improve your wellness.


If you enjoy entertaining guests, then you will certainly appreciate the benefits of having your backyard professionally designed and installed. Imagine your guests smiling, whether you are throwing a barbecue or hosting a pool party.
Your home is your place of refuge from the world and to entertain those closest to you. Consult with the NC Marble and Stone Pavers team to start transforming your backyard into the private retreat you’ve earned.

Our service area includes

Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara,
and San Joaquin County

Warranty information

Labor Warranty – 27 year warranty on the labor and installation of the paving stones against bucking or shifting.

Family-owned since 1995
Contractor’s License Number 705911 / Bond # SS109571