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Artificial Grass


Specializing in Artificial grass and synthetic turf for residential homes throughout all of Northern California and San Joaquin county.

As people’s lives get busier it becomes more challenging to complete all of the chores. Sometimes mowing the lawn can seem like a monster problem. This is just one of the reasons why synthetic grass or also known as “fake grass or turf” is becoming more and more popular. Artificial turf looks just like real grass but without all the hassle and imperfections. Originally used for golf courses and pricey football fields, synthetic grass has now become an alternative for home owners as well.

Go green and save green. In the long run, you save money with artificial turf and best of all it’s environmentally friendly. No more mowing, watering or fertilizing! Eliminate the need for pesticides or harmful weed killing chemicals that go into the earth. Reduce and save our precious water supply by eliminating the need to water your lawn. Say goodbye to the monthly expense of needing to cut the grass. Have kids? No more grass stains on clothing or muddy floors or shoes.

Our service area includes

Alameda, Contra Costa, Santa Clara,
and San Joaquin County

Warranty information

Labor Warranty – 27 year warranty on the labor and installation of the paving stones against bucking or shifting.

Family-owned since 1995
Contractor’s License Number 705911 / Bond # SS109571